Stop Carrying Store Cards with Stocard

If you’re anything like me, you forget to bring your Optimum card into Shoppers Drug Mart and No Frills. And you misplace your Menchies card. And even if you do have your wallet stuffed full with store cards, you know the people behind you are getting frustrated as you try to find the right card.

No more! The app STOCARD, available for both Apple and Android, holds all your store cards so that you don’t have to carrying them anymore.

How does it work? Keep scrolling.

Step 1

Download Stocard onto your smartphone.

Step 2

Sign up for a FREE Stocard account.

Step 3

Load all your store cards into the app using your phone’s camera (scanning the barcode), or by entering the card’s numbers manually.

Step 4

Have the cashier scan the bar code on your phone’s screen when you check out as usual.

And never miss out on store points again!

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