Let Honey Find the Deals for you

What is Honey?

When I mention Honey, you might think that I’m about to tell you that we aren’t referring to the sweet treat. But I promise you, this Honey really is quite a treat for anyone who likes to shop online.

Honey gathers up all the coupons codes from thousands of online retailers and presents them to you when you need them. It takes away all the stress of having to search out coupon codes to get the discounts that you probably never even realized existed.

So stop looking for coupons and deals on the things you love because Honey will find them for you.

How do I get started?

Follow the link above and sign up to Honey. You will be presented with the option to install the browser plugin, which is where all the magic really happens.

It really is as simple as allowing them to install the plugin with one click. You don’t need to make elaborate choices or restart your browser or anything!

And then?

You could choose to browse Honey’s websites for good deals and codes, but I think most of us prefer to get the codes for the things we are already shopping for. So there’s really no need to even think about Honey again until you are shopping online.

With the plugin installed, you will notice a tiny grey ‘h’ appear in the upper right corner of your browser window, just to the right of the address bar.

When you are next shopping online, that little ‘h’ will likely turn orange, and perhaps have a green number overlapping it, and you’ll know that your retailer of choice has one or more deals, coupons, and discounts available.

How do I view and apply those rebates?

Shop as you normally would. Once you reach the checkout, Honey will pop up and allow you to scroll through all available coupons and codes for that retailer. The plugin will choose the coupon code that will get you the biggest discount on the items you’ve chosen to buy.

You have the potential to save big without even trying or even realizing that rebates were available.

Honey Gold

Signing up for Honey automatically enrols you in Honey Gold, which is their rewards program where you can earn gift cards from your favourite stores.

Final Thoughts

Honey works in the background and makes getting the best prices online a breeze. Install it and forget about it… for now.


The Honey plugin can be installed in both Mac and Windows operating systems.

The Honey plugin can installed on the following browsers:

  • Chrome on Mac
  • Chrome on Windows
  • Firefox on Mac
  • Firefox on Windows
  • Opera on Mac
  • Opera on Windows
  • Safari on Mac
  • Edge on Windows

Do you need help installing the plugin? Click HERE, and choose your browser.

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