How to get FREE Products from Social Nature

A little while ago, I signed up to Social Nature, a website that promotes healthier options for both our bodies and the environment.

As a member of our Social Nature community, you’ll get to try greener choices like organic deodorants, vegan mascara, healthy snacks and eco-friendly cleaners for FREE. In return, we ask that you share your opinion with our community, and if you liked the product, invite your friends, fans and followers to try it!

How does it work?

Browse Social Nature’s list of upcoming available products and select the ones that you think you’d like to try. Fill in a little questionnaire, providing details about yourself and why you’d like to sample this product, and submit it.

A little while later, you will hopefully receive an email (like the two I received today) offering you the opportunity to try a product for FREE.

What’s the catch?

Social Nature ask that you go back to their website within two weeks of receiving your product to write a review. Your opinion not only helps product companies improve their products, but it might also sway consumers to make greener choices.

Reviewing the product also keeps you active on the Social Nature website which will increase your chances of being chosen to sample new products.

More benefits!

Browse Social Nature’s New Product Launchpad to let producers and retailers know about the products you’d like to see in stores.

Search by category, diet type, allergy, certification, and more to view a list of products. If you see one that would interest you, hit the BOOST button and tell the producer that you want that in your store.

Be a positive influence!

By boosting launchpad products you are helping more innovative, better-for-you brands make it on shelves, and helping us change the world! You might even earn some perks along the way.


  • Social Nature will alert you when products that you’ve Boosted arrive in stores near you
  • Shop through the Social Nature website and get discounts on the new products
  • Participate by requesting products, writing reviews, and boosting items to gain access to exclusive member discounts

How do I sign up?

Just follow the link (or click HERE) and provide your details. Browse their product selection and choose the ones that interest you. Or choose them all!

Best of luck to you!

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