SampleSource Freebies have arrived!

Try Before you Buy and make smart shopping decisions! Get free samples of makeup, beauty care, household cleaning, even food and snacks!

Twice a year, in the Spring and Autumn, the SampleSource website comes alive with the offer of freebies from a variety of different companies. As with other sampling websites, the idea is that you try these products and then review them.

My sample box was shipped a month ago and it finally arrived today. I was very excited to see it!

As you can see, it includes a dog treat, a bag of cat treats, hard wood floor cleaner, a bag of rice & lentils, a variety of granola/snack bars, and much more. Also in the box, was a small stack of coupons.

I will start using these products and keeping mental notes of my opinions for when the emailed survey arrives.

Thank you to SampleSource and to all the participating companies!

Spring and Autumn Only

Just to be clear, samples were available a couple of months ago and will be available again in the Autumn. We will update this website and our Facebook group as soon as they become available again. When you see that update, click the link right away and order your samples. They go within the hour!

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