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I have spent the last couple of months gathering information about making money online and I’ve come to certain conclusions:

  • there are ways of making big bucks online, but 1) I have yet to master them, and 2) they are more beneficial to those with expert knowledge or certain qualifications
  • there are LOADS of ways to make small chunks of money online and doing lots of various jobs can bring in a fair bit of side money

This website to which I am referring today falls into the latter category. They pay out $1 directly into your Paypal account every time you do a job for them.

That may seem like nothing, but the job quite literally takes 2 minutes. And all you need is a phone or a tablet and an internet connection.

User Testing Club

The company is called User Testing Club. Businesses hire User Testing Club to have people test their websites or apps, and then provide feedback. The testers (you and me) get paid $1 (or perhaps sometimes more – I’m not sure) for every task they complete.

So far, I have completed 10 tasks in the last 11 days and have been paid out for 10 of them. Today’s task is still pending. See my Paypal screenshot:

User Testing Club payout to Paypal

What kinds of tasks?

All the tasks that I have completely come to me via an email. The instructions every time has been to complete the task on my phone or tablet. They provide search words and want you to use a search engine (like Google) to search for those specific words.

They they tell you to click through on a certain link.

To prove that you completed the task, you will need to provide them with the missing words from a blurred out photo from the website.

Truly, so simple.

What kinds of websites?

So far, they have all been online gambling.

But why would they want me to click on a gambling website? Or any website?

My guess is that these websites are trying to build traffic. The more visitors a website gets, the higher they rank in search engine searches. Which, of course, leads to more visitors. It is a way of paying to get visitors so that your business grows.

How long does it take to get paid?

I have usually been paid within a day. And once, it took a couple of days and I got three payouts in quick succession.


For my first task, I didn’t read the email in its entirety and I missed the part about completing the task on my phone or tablet. Just be warn that you will not be able to fill in the blurred words on any other device. No desktop or laptop computers (if, indeed, those were your instructions).


Once again, you won’t make your fortune this way, but if you have time to spare and you need a bit of extra spending money, User Testing Club has so far proven reliable and legitimate.

Also, there must be more on offer from User Testing Club. The websites suggests that users will sometimes be asked to test websites and report back on the ease of use. But I have not been asked to do that yet and cannot comment on the payout for such tasks.

User Testing Club also have a Facebook page.

Has User Testing Club worked for you?

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