4 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

On Facebook earlier today, a friend of ours ask how she could reduce her grocery bill. We definitely feel her pain!

And here are our 4 money-saving suggestions:

  1. Walmart Online Groceries
    Walmart.ca are offering $20 off your first three grocery orders. Just use the code QUEBEC60 at checkout. The code is case sensitive.

2. Rakuten
are offering 1% cashback on Walmart online orders right now. That might not seem like a lot, but they pay out at $5 and it adds up quickly. Sign up and install the browser plugin to get starter. Or, if installing plugins doesn’t sound like something you want to do, search for Walmart on the Rakuten website and shop through them.

Rakuten are great for other online stores as well. For example, Amazon Canada are paying back 4% at the moment. It definitely pays to install the plugin.

3. Checkout51
Checkout 51 is both a website and an app. Sign up and browse through the long list of food offers. If you buy any of the foods listed, you just have to photograph your receipt and submit it for review. Checkout51 responds in an hour or two later and rewards you with cashback on qualifying purchases.

The money adds up pretty fast and you can cash out once you hit $20.

4. Reebee
Reebee is also both a website and an app, but it is most useful as an app. The service accesses flyers from all the stores in your area, allowing you to request price matches when you get to the cash.

For example, I like shopping at Walmart, but I find their grapes to be more expensive than, say, Food Basics. Just search ‘grapes‘ on Reebee and the list of prices at other local retailers comes up. Show that to the cashier and Walmart will match the competitor’s price, as most store will do.

The greatest thing about these three ideas is that they can be used simultaneously, allowing you to triple-dip, so to speak.

  1. Install the Rakuten plugin so that you can snag the deal before you shop
  2. Use the Walmart coupon code at checkout
  3. Photograph your receipt and submit it to Checkout51 after you shop.
  4. Use Reebee to get the lowest prices possible at whichever retailer you choose.

Win, win, win!

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