3 Ways to Earn Money by Photographing your Receipts

Some of us file away our receipts for safekeeping, while others toss them in the garbage. Others, still, refuse them when offered by the cashier.

But you should know that there’s money in receipts. Not a gold mine, but every little bit helps, right?

Here are 3 ways to earn a bit of cash with the receipt that you thought you didn’t need:

1. Swagbucks

Sign up for Swagbucks to earn money from your receipts

We plan on doing a longer article about Swagbucks, as it is so much more than just a place to submit your receipts, but today, we will focus on just this portion of the Swagbucks‘ repertoire.

While Swagbucks is a great place to earn money through surveys, polls, games, and so much more, part of what they do is gather information about our shopping habits. Where do we shop? How much do we spend? What types of products do we favour?

These questions can be answered by collating data from thousands of submitted receipts.

You can earn SB from retailers that primarily sell food, household, health or beauty items.
These retailers include grocery/supermarkets, supercenters, club stores, dollar stores, drug & pharmacies, convenience, corner stores, beauty supply, pet supply, and toy stores.

Use your smartphone to take a photo of your receipt and submit it on their website.

Submit your receipt on the Swagbucks homepage

Swagbucks then allots the user swagbucks (or SB). Once you accrue enough SB, you can exchange them for a payout such as Paypal cash, Tim Hortons cards, Amazon cards, and more. You might even choose to donate to one of the many charities that they have listed.

– So easy
– It doesn’t matter what you bought
– Receipts can be submitted on the website or through the app
– Cash out at $5

– Payout is low (but adds up!)

2. Checkout 51

Sign up for Checkout51 to earn money from your receipts

Unlike Swagbucks, the only way to make money on Checkout51 is by submitting the receipts from your shopping. The payout can be better than Swagbucks, but it really depends on what you choose to buy.

Take a look at the app before you shop and see if there’s anything that you might buy. And add those items to your list within the app.

Once your shopping is complete, photograph the receipt and submit it to the app.

Payouts are given for the preselected items chosen by Checkout51. They are common, so it isn’t hard to get cash back on a variety of items. Conveniently, qualifying items include every-day purchases like bananas, bread, and eggs. They also give cash back on alcohol, household cleaning products, and so much more. The list is long!

You can cash out at $20 and they pay by cheque.

Submit your receipts to Checkout51 to earn money

– So easy
– Small but reasonable payouts
– Receipts can be submitted on the website or through the app
– There are many qualifying products

– Payouts are only given for items preselected by Checkout51

3. Caddle

Sign up for Caddle to earn money from your receipts

Like Checkout51, Caddle has a preselected list of products for which you can get cash back. Check out the list of items before you head out to shop and then just snap a photo of the receipt when you’re done.

Caddle also has a few 5-question surveys, one every day. They only get you a 5-cent payout, so you might not want to go out of your way to answer them. But again, it adds up!

You can cash out at $20 and they pay by cheque.

– So easy
– Payouts are higher
– Receipts can be submitted on the website or through the app

– Payouts are only given for items preselected by Caddle
– List of qualifying products is shorter than Checkout51

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Final Thoughts

The wonderful thing about these services is that you can photograph your receipt and submit it to all three websites, in effect triple-dipping, and get a small payout of cash back from each of them.

It takes only moments to snap a photo of a receipt and though the payments are small, they add up quickly, especially when you take advantage of some of the other features these websites have to offer.

You may not make your fortune this way, it makes sense to earn from the things you already do.

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